Thursday, 4 May 2017

Survival giyude

How to survive long road trips

Here are some tips on how to survive long road trips and not feel sick or anything like that. I hope these tips help you on how to survive long, road trips, (ect) boat trips and plane trips.

Tips on how to survive long road trips:

Step 1. Take a sealegs tablet the night before you leave on the long road trip.

Step 2. Take a bowl or something like that, so if you do vomit you won’t vomit on anyone or on anything.

Step 3. If you do think you’re going to vomit then warn someone and ask them nicely to open the windows so you can get some fresh air.

Step 4. Keep the windows open until you don’t feel car sick anymore.

Step 5. If you get sick in the car then if you have like an mp4 or something then listen to music.

Step 6. If you’re near a person who’s feeling traville sick ask an adult if they have a bottle of water or any liquid drink you could drink.

Step 7. It also helps if you block your ears and talk loudly and try to go to sleep.        

Step 8.  if you are sick then ask someone if you can move to the front of the van or car.